This is the Sandoz family. I’m on the far right in this picture. My parents, brother & sister & grandpapa are in this photo too. Here is my story:

My name is Marguerite Helen Sandoz Cooper. I was born in La Chause, de Fonds la Switzerland on Feb 5, 1894. We owned a 3-story house. The 1st story was the grocery store, the next was the apartment where we lived. The 3rd was to rent. Three years later the house burned down, so we had to start rent one block from our home. My Father had a job as conductor in the streetcar. I went riding with him every day. I was 4 years old my grandfather’s Aunt was living with us, she was 84. I used to stand on a little chair and comb her hair. She just loved it. I used to go with her to visit her friends, we walked; it was 3 blocks. When she was 85 years old she died. My mother sent me to tell her friends. She put on me a pretty print dress so I went over. The lady gave me a piece of bread and butter and syrups. I tried not to get it on my dress, but it dripped and the lady wiped it off and took me home.

In 1900 we moved to another place in July 22, 1896 my brother George was born. My grandmother was sick, she said she would like to live long to see my brother walk… He walked 2 days before she died. In 1900 my sister Bluette was born… That day was a parade, my brother and I followed the parade. When we got back home a lady was taking care of Mother. Mother told us we had a baby sister, we was thrilled about it.

When I was 6 years old I made my first pair of skis with boards from a barrel. I took a pair rubbers, and a broomstick with a nail in one end upside down. It was just fine. When I was 14 years old I got me a big pair of skies. I won 5 prizes on skis. I had ice skates too, and a sled. We all had a good time in the winter. In the summer all the families go to the hills taking a picnic with us— have a good time.

When I was 16 years old I take my 1st communion. I worked in a watch factory for 3 years. In 1900 Christmas day we were going to have a big dinner. Was about 25 persons there… we was about to sit down when the doorbell ring. Mother went to the door. It was a man dressed old clothes. He asked if he could have a bit to eat. Mother asked him in… she told father to take him to the bathroom…let him have some clothes and bring him to the dining room. He had dinner with us. After dinner was over, he asked Mother and all other brothers and sisters if they remembered their lost brother they thought was dead. He had come back! We was all thrilled about it. It was a big surprise! It was the biggest Christmas we ever had. He had been away for 35 years. He had been in America. We enjoyed having him with us. He found him a wife in Luisse, Switzerland… in the city where he was born. It was my Uncle Edward Bills, my mother’s brother. He went back to America to build a big house. When it was built he sent for his girl: in 1904 they got married. Her name was Georgine Jeanneret, they had two girls; Mary Georgine, Wife died when she (daughter) was ten days old.

Four years later my uncle sent for his Wife’s sisters, mother and brother to come here (America). Latter he married his wife’s sister: Her name was Angelique Jeanneret. Five years later he sent for the other sister, her name was Auntie Rosa Guiniard— the family– Adrian, the father, son Jeanne and Marcel the boy. Ten years later my Auntie Rosa sent for us to come here (America), after her husband died. It was March 1, 1911 we all came. Six of us mother, father, grandpapa, my brother, my sister and I. We got here the 20th of March. It took us 20 days to get here— we enjoyed the trip. On Oct 4th we was baptized in Hooper (in the canal) by Mr. Alexander Lomberts. We lived in Hooper for 10 months with my Aunt Rosa. In 1912 we moved to Syraciuse, Utah. Mr. Peter Barton built the house for us. It was a 2 room house, but it was alright, we was happy. We rented 10 acres from my Uncle Edward Bills; we worked in the fields with father and mother.

In 1913 I was teacher in Primary, it was across the street from Eli Cooper’s. It was 1 room but we divided it into 4 with curtains. Mrs. Frank Hanson was Pres. of the Primary, Mrs. Margaret Wilson was Vice Pres. and I was Secretary. Ida Hanson, Marttie Walker, Golda Walker was all teachers. We used to walk about 2 miles, we all enjoyed going to Primary. Then latter I went to the Beehive girls. I made 2 ranks in one year. I received a necklace and bracelet. I was the only one from Syracuse, 1 from Layton, 1 from Kaysville. After that I started working. First in the tomatoes, later I worked for Leui Edgar Young in 1913 for 6 months. Later I went to nursing my first experience was a Japanese lady in the old factory in Syracuse. In Odgen, Logan, and other places I worked for Doctor A. Z. Tanner, Dr. Rutledge.

In April the 29, 1922 I was married to Heber Cooper. His 1st wife died & left 7 children… the oldest one was 16 years, the youngest was 4. I had a girl. Heber and I had 7 {children together} all of them are living. We’ve got 45 grandchildren & 9 great grandchildren.

In July 2, 1916 my Grandfather died at the age of 77 1/2. In June, 1936 my mother died. On April 17, 1944 my father died; he. was 69 years old. In Sept. 2, l952 we were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.

I enjoy doing Temple work for the dead. In March 1, 1943 I’d worked in the Clearfield Naval Base for about 10 years. In May 1943 I was chosen to be Mother of the Depot. I received a gold heart and was decorated. I have worked hard all my life… done lots of walking. I am 62 years old, feel fine — enjoy helping taking care of my grandchildren.

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