Muirhouse Family History Services

Welcome to my Family History Services page! Here I’m offering to broker to you some services you may need in doing Family History. I have found some very reliable service providers to help you preserve your family history.

Audio Tape Transcription Services

One of the easiest ways to collect great family history in story form (and the most fun to read) is to just get a tape recorder and have an elder family member talk about their lives. You can prepare some tickler questions to guide the interview to areas of life that are most interesting, or just let it flow. In any case you will be collecting pure gold that will be cherished by all the family in only a few fleeting years. Now with this done you’ll want to have the audio tape transcribed into a text file that can be inserted into your PAF, website, or family photo/story CD. This work of transcription will be very time consuming, and tricky. You sit down with your tape recorder at your PC with your word processor open. You hit the “play” button on the recorder and hear the first dozen words. Then you hit the “pause” or “stop” button on the tape recorder and try to quickly type what you have just heard. You will repeat this process maybe hundreds of times to get thru the tape. It is discouraging, even if you can type very quickly. Your precious tapes may just sit gathering dust. So the alternative is to pay to have a professional transcriber do this for you. They have special steno machines that are used in courtrooms where every word is vital. With their skills and these machines they can type text files as quickly as people talk.

To get hooked up with a quality transcriber at fair prices just fill out the form below. Rates range between 10 cents a line to $50 per 90-minute tape.

    In the Specifications field above, give me as much information as you can about the lengths of the tapes and the quality of the recordings.

    Photo Restoration Services

    If you have any valuable family photos that are diminished in quality I have service providers that can fix them up like new for a reasonable fee. Below is an example of before & after.

      Fun Family History Computer Tutorials

      I have a wealth of information to share with you on how to use your computer to create quick and easy Personal Journals, Photo Albums on CD, (or on web sites), Family Trees, Family Histories and Stories… and much more. I try to share quite a bit of information and ideas on this web site, but most of the details of HOW to do these things is missing. I’m making up very lengthy, closely detailed e-books that will take you step-by-step through each of these things. Your family will surely love you for the precious memories and family history you are able to preserve for them (and to present to them). For a small fee I’ll email to you a top quality e-book on just the area of Family History Computing Fun that you are interested in. Just drop me a line telling me what you want to do and I’ll send you all the information you’ll need. Do it today, or the time will slip away.

        Custom Web Site Creation & Design

        I can design and build a web site for you. The costs begin at $100 to get you set up and $29.95 a month for site hosting. This includes your own domain name. My fees for building your website are very reasonable.  And the good news is that you’ll be able to maintain your site yourself.   Use the Contact Me form and let me know what you want in a web site or leave a phone number.  For an example of my commerical website design go to:

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