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This site is dedicated to providing YOU with all the help you'll need to build your own priceless Free Family History Legacy using modern methods, computers, and multi-media. I've been bitten by the Free Family History bug and want to share it with everyone! My journey began by seeing what PAF v5.2 was and how easy it is to do Free Family History with it. This includes a Free Family Tree Maker, Free Charts!  It makes it FUN to trace your family tree.  At the link (pic) to the right you can search for your family tree for free.  From the beginning of time, families and individuals have been passing on their stories about the past by word of mouth. The rich content of these stories can be preserved for your family. The clarity and accuracy of these accounts are obviously lost over time. Memories become vague and often change each time they are repeated.

This site, however, provides Free Family History Tools and information for anyone to preserve, remember, explore and record his or her personal life history (and family history) through easy to use current computing resources. Why not just write your life story (free personal journal) on your own word-processor? My easy-to-use site gives people the tools to easily record their individual life and family history. Whether recording life milestones or daily journal entries, you are participating in the new wave of proactive, fun genealogy.  Click Here to read "Your Family History: Getting Started" by Boyd K. Packer.  There is an article below that one of interest to divorced men as well. 

Writing your Memoirs

History records the lives and deeds of famous politicians, warriors and artists - but we are all part of history! Make sure that your family's memories live forever by turning them into a book to cherish. What heirloom could be more special than a family history book or even your own biography? Your memories don't have to die with you - I can help you create a book (or CD) for your children, grandchildren, & future generations to treasure. You may want to include such thngs as Priesthood lines. Click Here to see my Priesthood Line.  Some Genealogy Lines go way back.  Click Here to see my line back to Adam & Eve.  Exciting huh?  The LDS Church has the greatest free genealogy site in the world.  You can get there by clicking on the Christus picture above.  *** Just note that you'll have no way to get back to my site except by using your back arrow on your browser.***  So hold on and check out all of my site first! 

Preserving & Posting Photos

Use of Household Audio & Video Equipment

I've found many techniques for preserving photos and sharing them with loved ones.  My mother's vision was fading and she'd not been able to really view her family photo album.  So I got a tripod and video taped her photo albums a page at a time... adding audio commentary as I was zooming in and out of each photo on the pages.  Then just popped the video into her VCR attached to a large screen TV, and she was able to see these photos for the first time in years.  Tears of joy came to her eyes.  I've scanned all my special photos and view them on my home PC and can easily send them to friends & relatives via email.  I got a program that uses them as the screen saver for my PC.  Slide shows, zooming in, or cropping photos is almost effortless.  I'll be happy to share the simple techniques of how I did this with you.  Scrapbooking idea:  Scan full scrapbook pages, then post them on a free photo web site!  See the section below on FREE or Low Cost Family Web Sites You Can Create or Contact Me for more information.   
An ordinary tape recorder can be your best friend in capturing Family History from older relatives.  Their life stories will become priceless in less time than many of us expect.  Just sit down and ask your parents or grandparents to talk about their early lives.  There are lessons to be learned here and treasures to be preserved for your children.  You may want to write out some memory-provoking questions or categories to cover in your interview.  When you have your tape made you may want to have it transcribed into a text file.  In this form it can easily be shared with all your loved ones via email messages, web site postings, or made up into a book. 


Andrew Anderson
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FREE or Low Cost Family Web Sites You Can Create

One of the better FREE web site hosting companies is  It will (as all FREE hosting sites do) clutter your site with advertising. 

Or you can try a family website from; it's easy to maintain and is a great source to stay in touch with loved ones. It's an excellent tool to share and keep up with distant relatives all at an affordable cost.

Another FREE web site hosting company is  I've built a sample Family History web site there if you'd like to see what you might be able to set up for your family.  It is at:

Two other popular FREE web site hosting companies are and  My example Family History web sites there are at: and respectivly.  They also have simple (non-HTML) site builder tools you can use. 

Journal Writing

Keeping a daily Journal or Diary is the first step toward building a great autobiography. Recent studies have also concluded that people who write daily in journals have lower stress levels than people who do not.  It is So Easy to do if you have a word processor on your computer! Simply start a file with the year, month and date. You can password protect your file. I've kept a daily journal for many years. In the electronic format of a Word or WP format it is so easy to go back and extract key events of your life and construct a timeline of your life that can serve as the backbone of your life story.  Click Here to see a timeline example. The KEY to successful journal writing is simply to do a little each day. Make it a habit. Just click on your desktop icon and go! Start today. Save your life! You can have fun with writing about yourself too. Click Here to see a Fun Way I use to introduce myself.  Try to make your own Fun Introduction. Scan and save old newspaper articles. Click Here to see an example. Another fun thing to do is to make lists of things about your life: like the places you have lived or the jobs you have held. Click Here to see two of my "Lists of Life".

One great, new tool everyone who keeps important data on a home computer should have is the THUMB DRIVE.  It is also called a flash drive or a USB drive.  They do not cost very much and hold lots of data.  I bought my first one at WallMart.  It is much more reliable than floppy drives, and easier to use than CDs.  I keep all my journals, photos, and family history files on this little thumb-sized drive that hangs on a string around my neck.  Get one soon!

Your Work & Hobbies

Fun Family History can also preserve & present your work & hobbie information. You can post interesting things about your career and the things you like to do. When you meet family or friends you've not seen in a few years the question always comes up: "So what have you been up to since I've seen you last?" Click Here to see how to answer that question.

The Women in Our Lives

Click Here to read "The Women in Our Lives" by Gordon B. Hinckley.  I was so moved by this talk that I had to include it here.  If we are not thankful for and do not treat the women in our lives the right way our family history will be only a fraction of what it could be.  Women are the hearts of a family.  May we always hold them in respect.

My Commitment to You
I'm committed to bringing you the best information on putting together your own Family History. Everything from online photo albums to writing your own life history and preserving the histories of your ancestors. If you have any ideas about how I can serve you better, please click here to contact me and I'll do my best to help you.  I hope you visit this site often.  Click Here to bookmark this site.

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I hope this website is useful to you and is a place you can refer your friends and family to. I have received some positive feedback which was very welcome. Click here to see some of these comments.

  Exploring your family history can be fun and insightful regardless if your family originated in Africa or the Ehsan Bayat Family from Afghanistan.

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