Below is an example of (decade excerpts from) a timeline developed from information found in my babybook, in my early handwritten diaries, and in later electroinic (WordPerfect) journals. It is the first step in building my own biography.  You can easily do the same thing!

30 Oct – I was born on a Thu 4:45pm & weighed 8 lb. 4 oz. 19½ inches
4 Nov – Grandma Workman gave me my 1st bath
6 Nov – My 1st doctor visit for a blood condition
21 Nov – I cried my 1st tears… been holding them all in the past 11 days
6 Dec – My 1st smile
7 Dec – I was blessed by Valjean Cooper in Martinez Ward, Berkeley Stake
14 Dec – Went to a drive in movie w/ Mom & Dad… slept thru most of it.
15 Dec – Discovered my hands
24 Dec – Spent most of Christmas Holiday w/ Auntie Carol

In 4th grade at John Muir Elementry, living on Palm Avenue by the Little League.

14 Jan – I meet RC Stebbins & worked on the Santa Cruz salamander project
22 Jan – Sea Cliff Beach w/ Phyllis…wow what fun!
23 Jan – The Sunday Times had an exotic pets issue with me in it.
18 Feb – I found missing cornsnake in my bed, and got Sweetie Py from DVC
3 Mar – Sue F. stood me up for the Senior Ball
23 May – I gave 2 reptile assemblies at Pacheco Elementry.
26 Oct – I was drafted into the U.S. Army
31 Dec – I was ordained Elder by my dad

Working in Martinez for the Contra Costa Dept of Agriculture. Michelle is 2.

Working at Novell. Bought out first house. Michelle is 12, Daniel is 10, Wendy is 8, and Jessica is 3.

19 Feb – Jessica to the Olympics: bobsled event!
23 Feb – I went to the Olympics: cross country!
13 Mar – Dad into hospital for the 1st time in his life.
28 Apr – Daniel Forest Cooper has his Mission Farewell
15 May – Daniel on Mission to Scotland 8 Aug – Wendy Cooper buys her 1st car: 1998 Mercury. the best site to buy replica watches online. High quality watches, unbeatable prices, and fast shipping!